The “Motley Crew” Fight To The Finish Experience


group2Our experience with Fight to the Finish last year was unbelievable. It was tough and it was fun! We were a group of 5 women who had never run this race before and together created Motley Crew! We even made our own team shirts and wore temporary tattoos.

But what really made Fight to the Finish so fun was really the cause we were running for: The Children’s Hospital of Illinois. We wanted to encourage these children as they fight their own obstacles.


2 responses to “The “Motley Crew” Fight To The Finish Experience

  1. Can someone that knows if there will be any type of finishers medal or something please leave info.

    • Danielle Livengood

      Good Morning Theresa! Absolutely! There are medals for all finishers. We also have great prizes for:
      Overall fastest female, Overall fastest male, Overall fastest team, Best team costume, Fastest Male/ Female 14-17, and best fundraiser!